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  1. Written by Nathan Demi on 25 Jan. 2015 from Toronto

    My MacBook pro suddenly shut down on me after 5 years. I didnít have any of my files backed up and I was worried sick. I had a number of important research papers and documents that I needed back, and more importantly, all my photos, videos and memories that I had stored up were now all gone. My warrantee ran out almost 3 years ago and I didnít know what to do. I had read the testimonials online about Macboys and thought I would give it a try. Kevin was really helpful in explaining to me what the problem was and what I needed to do to fix it. He was able to fix my computer AND recover all my lost files and a reasonable price! I will never forget this! Heís a talented and honest guy with a really interesting life story! Thanks so much Kevin!

  2. Written by Faustine on 17 Jan. 2015 from Toronto

    Thank you again, Kevin! My MacBook Pro is working as good as new. Excellent service and communication.

  3. Written by Manny on 01 Sep. 2014 from Brampton

    Thank god for Kevin, he new precisely what to do and he made sensible suggestions on how to best approach the repair. He also made some great upgrade to my computer, and now my computer is better then it was originally. Thanks again Kevin. Long live Kevin....

  4. Written by Dan Beauchamp on 25 Aug. 2014 from vancouver

    "Kevin at macboys is a saint, he managed to identify the problem with my macbook and have it repaired when other repair shops told me it was impossible, I consider him the king of component level repairs for apple products"

  5. Written by Bartoon on 27 Jun. 2014 from Etobicoke

    Hi Kevin, The Mac Book works perfectly. My printer connected and it works perfectly,too. Thank you very much for excellent service. I really appreciate it!. I will be bringing my wife's iMac in for service soon.

  6. Written by Jelynne on 26 Mar. 2014 from Toronto

    I accidentally spilled lemonade on my MBA. I was so devastated, I thought that would be the end of it. Kevin was extremely patient to me. He sent me prompt and detailed updates even fixed my machine really quick with a reasonable price. Thank you so much my MBA is alive again. :)

  7. Written by Phil on 28 Aug. 2013 from Brazil

    Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well wrteitn article. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. Iíll certainly comeback.

  8. Written by Mike Trebilcock on 20 Sep. 2012 from Hamilton

    Kevin went above and beyond the call of duty to get my on-it's-way-out MacBook Pro back to it's original condition. Like new!

  9. Written by Ebay Inc on 12 Jul. 2012 from Canada

    Congratulations! It's your 7-year eBay anniversary macboysinc, We want to say thanks and let you know how much we value having you as an eBay community member. All of us at eBay wish you the very best in the year to come. Thank you! John Donahoe President and CEO, eBay Inc.

  10. Written by dorian on 20 Mar. 2012 from Toronto

    Kevin, thanks a lot for persisting in finding a solution to my dead imac display, it works great now!

  11. Written by BAM on 27 Jan. 2012 from Toronto

    My Pro is running like a pro again. Thanks Kevin.

  12. Written by Carrie on 11 Jan. 2012 from Toronto

    Excellent service and advice. Thanks for not only fixing my Mac but making my laptop run better than ever!

  13. Written by Ian Shirley on 16 Nov. 2011 from Caledon

    Kevin, you guys are great! You managed my mac problem every step of the way, made me feel comfortable and even suggested ways of me not losing my data again. Imagine, I came to you to fix my hard drive issue and I received so much more info out of you guys. You said to me once, "Ian, I am going to Barrie, but I can come back tonight if you need me to."

  14. Written by Gerhard Gouws on 11 Oct. 2011 from Toronto

    Hey Kevin, My machine is chomping through a full Pro Res encode while I'm watching Youtube and downloading material at the same time. Smooth as silk.... :) THANKS man, awesome work!

  15. Written by rosemary graydon on 18 Sep. 2011 from

    Great service. Very helpful, even if I did not understand all the great information. Thanks for coming to my rescue so promptly

  16. Written by Kristine on 14 Sep. 2011 from Toronto

    I contacted Macboys with a Macbook Pro that had suffered extensive liquid damage. Kevin was very personable and provided quality service at a rate much better than that quoted by the Apple Store. I'm very happy to have my computer back in excellent condition and running great! I would recommend Macboys to others and definitely wouldn't hesitate to use this service again in the future!

  17. Written by John on 13 Sep. 2011 from North York

    Great Service, very fast and reliable, highly recommended.

  18. Written by macboys on 06 Sep. 2011 from Etobicoke

    Steve Jobs 1955-2011 Trailblazer, Visionary, Game Changer. Where would we be without him.

  19. Written by krisjan silins on 14 Apr. 2011 from toronto

    When every mac store told me 'it is just cheaper to buy a new one'...i felt there has to be a better way. I knew my display wasn't working just because of one little cable that needed to be replaced...either noone had the expertise, or they were charging too much for the labor. I found Kevin, and I havent looked back since. He fixed my display to its original state, and has kept my Powerbook G4 going until this day. I'd reccomend Kevin without any hesitation, he is simply the best.

  20. Written by Ian Liwanag DJ on 01 Apr. 2011 from Mississuaga

    Bro!! Thanks for the advice and inspiration to be the best at what I do!!

  21. Written by Ngozi on 01 Aug. 2011 from Toronto

    Thank you Kevin you were fast, fair and did a great job on my computer saved me money and time. the computer is working great!! folks instead of buying a new computer when your mac is designed to break down go to mac boys and your machine will be as good as new!!

  22. Written by Farah on 26 Jul. 2011 from Kitchener

    Macboys was amazing. They fixed my mac book pro in record timing and gave me the best possible deal for it. They can fix any sort of problem and give you great confidence that your mac book is in good hands. I would recommend Mac boys to anyone and everyone!

  23. Written by Chris on 22 Jul. 2011 from Toronto

    Macboys is service at it's best. My first experience with mac boys was to get a macbook fixed that had a coffee spilled on it. a very stressful time for me. kevin did a quick diagnostic check and found i needed a logic board. i was very impressed with the speed of service and the quality of workmanship, the macbook now works like new with a problem the apple store said was unfixable. Thanks kevin for fixing the unfixable. I highly recommend this company to friends, family & anyone that wants quality service @ a reasonable price.

  24. Written by Lawrence on 07 Jul. 2011 from

    Thanks again Kevin for you excellent service and reasonable pricing.

  25. Written by DjJustboj/MC Alfredo on 29 Jun. 2011 from Toronto area

    Where the Apple Store Genius' said that "your hard drive is dead" Kevin from Macboys can recover! After reloading my Serato Dj software, it remembered where all my playlists were and the recent gig playlists I did! Macboys is the best mac tech service center to help recover a totally dead hard drive. Apple store Genius' have nothing on this guy! Mac Boys FULL OF WIN!!!

  26. Written by MC Alfredo DJ Justboj on 29 Jun. 2011 from Toronto Area

    After reloading my Serato Dj software, it remembered where all my playlists were and the recent gig playlists I did! Macboys is the best mac tech person to help recover a totally dead hard drive. Apple store Genius' have nothing on this guy! Mac Boys FULL OF WIN!!!

  27. Written by Sarah M. on 10 May 2011 from Scarborough, Ontario

    Highly recommend this place! Great, trustworthy, and affordable service...I got my laptop back in much better condition in a matter of days. Will definitely use Kevin and the Mac Boys in the future.

  28. Written by Aly on 09 May 2011 from Toronto

    These guys helped me a lot. I came in with a dead logic board and they were able to fix it for me without the ridiculous fees that Apple wanted. Quality of service was exceptional and my MBP is, and has been working great. Thanks for all your help.

  29. Written by Serge M. on 07 May 2011 from Toronto

    Great service at great prices. Thanks again for your help Kevin. Would recommend Macboys to any Mac User.

  30. Written by Dillon on 14 Apr. 2011 from toronto

    Great service and friendly advice from Kevin. Spilled some liquid on my macbook pro and it was fixed to work like new. His knowledge of apple products were excellent. Will recommend him to my friends and family

  31. Written by test on 23 Feb. 2011 from


  32. Written by Dr. Randy Lang on 12 Feb. 2011 from Etobicoke

    It was a pleasure to deal with you Kevin. Dr. Randy Lang

  33. Written by Don on 12 Feb. 2011 from Toronto

    Macboys -Kevin fixed my MacBook Pro, had very reasonable prices he was quick and he also fixed some issues that we not related to the issue. I highly recommend VFX room

  34. Written by M.ettlinger on 27 Nov. 2010 from Toronto

    Kevin, I want to wish you the merriest of Christmas's! You have helped me BLOW my children's minds! They are both in shock and my wife is extremely happy with he white macbook! Thank you so very much!!!....Merry Christmas! ...Mark

  35. Written by MateoM on 30 Apr. 2010 from Montreal

    I am from France, was In Toronto for a guig, one night performance, went back to my hotel room, computer didn't want to start up!!! PANIC!!!!! than I got the chance to run into Kevin's website, thx god, he was there and available to repair my computer overnight! Yes Kevin saved my life today! thx! I will refer Kevin to anyone in Toronto that needs mac repair!! God price and green tea is there for you.

  36. Written by Vince Marchese on 23 Apr. 2010 from Etobicoke

    Extremely pleased with Kevin's work on my Mac Pro. Repairs were performed very quickly and with obvious expertise and professionalism. No hesitation at recommending Kevin.

  37. Written by Tony Valente on 18 Apr. 2010 from Toronto

    Great Service, very fast and reliable, extremely knowledgeable, highly recommended.

  38. Written by Awnish on 31 Jul. 2010 from Oakville

    Macboys did a great job in fixing / upgrading my MacBook Pro. Their service is quick, high quality, and great prices. Definitely the place to go for all your Mac needs. Highly recommended!

  39. Written by Ally on 30 Jul. 2010 from Toronto

    Great service, great products and great prices, there is no reason to go pay ridiculous rates, vfx room has everything you need, and Kevin is very understanding and reasonable, I would recommend Macboys to anyone that has problems with their mac, Kevin has fixed my MacBook on numerous occasions, great work, great prices, thanks again Kevin.

  40. Written by Ally on 30 Jul. 2010 from Toronto

    Great service, great products and great prices, there is no reason to go pay ridiculous rates, vfx room has everything you need, and Kevin is very understanding and reasonable, I would recommend Macboys to anyone that has problems with their mac, Kevin has fixed my MacBook on numerous occasions, great work, great prices, thanks again Kevin.

  41. Written by Dustin on 20 May 2010 from

    Kevin fixed up my ibook, had very reasonable prices and an interct machine! I highly recommend VFX room

  42. Written by michael saskin on 12 Apr. 2010 from toronto

    Great reasonably priced service. He helped me devise solutions for my memory issues on his own time. He was very helpful and I highly recommend him for fixing any mac issues.

  43. Written by Brittany on 25 Feb. 2010 from Pickering

    Great fast service that us affordable we recommend it.

  44. Written by Kamlesh on 17 Nov. 2009 from Toronto

    Good fast service, highly recommended. Kevin is knowledgeable and gave some good advice. Just a suggestion Kevin...let people know you take interact. Advertise it on your website. Huge ++ to your business.

  45. Written by Karl on 17 Nov. 2009 from Toronto

    Here's fast, knowledgeable service that costs less!

  46. Written by Karl on 17 Nov. 2009 from Toronto

    Here's fast, knowledgeable service that costs less!

  47. Written by Kalpesh P on 22 Sep. 2009 from Toronto

    I would recommend Kevin for any issues with your Mac Machines. He is a kind hearted man and because he is a budding videographer, he is even more helpful to an aspiring filmmaker like me. He is an Apple trained technician and knows what he is doing. You can count on him for your beloved Mac Machines for any repairs.

  48. Written by Darrin on 04 Sep. 2009 from

    excellent service, replaced my screen in 20 min! very knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. highly recommended!

  49. Written by Anduhyaun Inc on 29 Apr. 2009 from Toronto

    Thanks much for the excellent service! I desperately tried to find a Mac store open on a Sunday afternoon ... nada. So I googled, and VFX Room came highly recommended by NOW magazine. Kevin agreed to see me that same afternoon; he took the time to give me an iBook 10! Highly recommended.

  50. Written by Michael Cho on 23 Apr. 2009 from Toronto

    Sept. 2009 - VFX Room gave me the best price for my black macbook! Did alot of research before and going with VFX was clearly the right choice. Service and Quality were both top notch and I highly recommend VFX Room to all Mac Users!

  51. Written by Ashley Mckenzie-Barnes on 22 Apr. 2009 from Toronto

    EXCELLENT Service, he gave me EVERYTHING I asked for and more. And very quickly. Honest, reliable and very knowledgeable. Will be referring more customers.

  52. Written by Sunny Phagura on 07 Apr. 2009 from Toronto

    Excellent service and reasonable pricing. What more can you ask for ? I highly recommend the service and repairs were completed in an efficient and cost effective manner. Keep up the great work !!!

  53. Written by gerry on 01 Apr. 2009 from Milton

    Kevin did a great job bring my power book back from the dead. It is alike a new machine now and it is very fast. I would highly recommend him to anyone with a mac that needs a tune up or a major repair. A+++++++++++++++ gerry

  54. Written by krisjanis on 24 Aug. 2009 from Toronto

    Excellent service on my Powerbook G4 17"; Kevin replaced an exotic part for my display(LVDS cable) perfectly and at a reasonable cost. Other MAC service stores said it wasn't worth repairing and that I should buy a new LCD...I think they just were lazy! I'll definitely be telling people I have a great 'mac guy' to take their machines to.

  55. Written by John Lombardi on 26 Jun. 2009 from Toronto

    excellent service, extremely knowledgeable, and great work. Highly recommended. Thanks!

  56. Written by Jim on 18 Jun. 2009 from Toronto

    Nice service , reasonable price thank thank you, highly recommended

  57. Written by Amish Gupta on 07 Jun. 2009 from Toronto

    Really good products and excellent service!! Thanks

  58. Written by donald randell on 01 Jun. 2009 from

    i look this set up, i will tell snoop dogg about it, this will be great for my tv show,donald. the world should no about this.

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